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TIBCO Jaspersoft
Consulting (EMEA)

Professional Services


TIBCO Jaspersoft is a Java based Business Intelligence suite used world wide for designing, deploying and embedding rich, interactive and customized reports containing elements such as charts, tables and crosstabs for visualizing raw and aggregated data and performing analytics.

I worked as a technical consultant providing Professional Services such as product training and knowledge transfer, code customizations, creating custom components and plugins, creating proofs-of-concept, integrating and embedding Jasper reports, product installs and upgrades, single sign-on configuration, conducting production and performance audits. 

TIBCO Jaspersoft  Projects

Jaspersoft chart_PPT.png

Customization - Custom PPT Exporter


Customize the JasperReports Server PPT exporter to produce native PPT table, chart and crosstab elements for interactivity and easier modification.


I created a custom component and wired it into the existing PPT exporter to achieve this functionality. The client loved the solution and it helped increase their sales and confidence for using Jasper as a solution to their reporting needs.

Jaspersoft - Cancel long running reports

Customization - Cancel long running reports


Some complex reports on a customer's environment were taking quite long to execute - up to several minutes. This was due to several reasons - huge database size (up to several terabytes of data), complex report designs etc. The objective was to create a customization to retrieve the currently executing reports, see how long they've been running and cancel the ones that were taking a while to execute.


The requested customization was built using the JasperReports REST API and integrated with the JasperReports UI by creating a custom component for the UI. The admin could navigate to the page from within the JasperReports Server UI and use it to monitor current report executions and cancel the ones taking a long time. 

Jaspersoft report_Complex Reports.png

Report development & embedding


This was a proof-of-concept for a prospect intended to display the JasperReports server capabilities such as creating and embedding complex, interactive reports containing elements like geospatial maps, charts and tables to redesign their website and to build all charts and reports on it using Jasper.


All these interactive reports were developed, put together and embedded in a test portal. The prospect gave really good feedback on the POC and especially liked the seamless integration of Jasper reports within their test portal and the interactivity of the charts and maps,

My Role

  • ​​Delivering product training and hands-on development sessions both on customer site and remote.

  • Consulting and knowledge transfer sessions for specific customer requirements.

  • Customizing the product per customer’s needs. Building custom components and wiring them into the product.

  • Conducting production audits to ensure best practices are being followed end-to-end and across the product stack.

  • Conducting performance audits and helping maximize product performance and report execution times.

  • Configuring single sign-on and potentially customizing the solution for integrating with specific SSO solutions such as LDAP, OAuth, CAS, Kerberos.

  • Creating proofs-of-concept to demonstrate product capabilities and to help ensure product fits customer needs.

  • Installing and upgrading the product on client servers and providing custom configuration where needed.

  • Integrating and embedding Jasper reports both client and server side.

  • Building complex, rich and interactive reports




This was a tremendous working and learning experience - I worked with people all over the world and wore several hats - Consultant, Manager, SME, SC, Architect, Project Manager, System Admin, Java Developer, Report Developer, DevOps Engineer. I worked on a different project almost every week and learnt a lot and worked with new technologies quite consistently. 

I was the only consultant in all of the EMEA region and was responsible for customers within the region as well as for delivering the consulting engagements. Since I joined, sales grew more than 50% for both the product and professional services.

I worked directly with several multinational organizations, both onsite and remote, which included IMF, Visa, Porsche, BNY Mellon, ING Bank, Autodesk, DXC, AON, Infosys and Micro Focus among many others. 

Empowering Businesses

Since 11 years

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