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Operations Center

Full Stack Developer & Technical Lead 


IBM Intelligent Operations Center is a product offering as part of the IBM Smarter Cities initiative. It’s main objective is to visualize near real-time geospatial data on a map, list and calendar to provide deep insights and perform historical

data analytics.

It’s applications are quite widespread and it is used across several industries such as city planning and management, sentiment analysis, emergency response and video analytics. Some notable customers include the Miami-Dade Police Department, New Jersey Turnpike and City of Chennai.



This was quite a large scale project and spanned several years. My role evolved from being a junior developer learning the ropes to being a senior developer and tech lead in a span of almost 5 years.


I owned several components within the application and was also responsible for product build, delivery, planning, scoping and coordination as the project as my role evolved. The right mix of hands-on technical work and leading, managing, demonstrating and supporting the project helped further solidify my career in software development and towards consulting.

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Use Cases

As an operator, I want to be able to see hotspots of areas with the highest density of data items.

My Role

​Worked as a full stack developer for 3 years before being promoted to technical lead.


Owned several components in the application – geospatial maps, address search, extension points, named areas.


As technical lead, responsible for product delivery, mentoring team members and coordinating tasks.

Developed proofs of concept for several prospects including Thales and Priority5.


Conducted “train the trainer” sessions showcasing and demonstrating new functionality after each release.

Set up automated build for source code security scanning and integrated it with product build.


Empowering Businesses

Since 11 years

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I am an independent consultant with years of experience building and consulting for Business Intelligence and Data Visualization enterprise applications.


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